Mapping Beer!


Today is recognized as National Refreshment Day! Seeing as beer has been a rich part of Wisconsin culture and history, why not explore a creative approach that has been taken in the mapping of beer! First, here is an interesting read by Andrew Shears, Local to National and Back Again: Beer, Wisconsin, and Scale, a chapter in his book "The Geography of Beer."

The Beer Mapping Project is a website that is all about helping users find good beer within a close proximity, whether it is a local pub, brewery, beer store, or even a homebrew location. The "Beer Routes" function that is offered through the site allows users to find establishments to visit along a specific route after entering the starting and final location of their trip. Directions may be given for either driving, walking, cycling, or transit. This would be a great tool for planning a pub crawl!


Creating a login for the website allows an individual to post reviews and photos, as well as "check-ins" at various locations in order to keep tabs (I guess that pun was intended) on their visits.

Have fun (responsibly) exploring the world of beer around you!