Visualize Your Road Ratings Data in GIS

Visualize Your Road Ratings Data in GIS

Every odd year, Wisconsin municipalities are required to conduct road ratings and submit their findings to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). Learn how AssetAlly can help your team visualize your ratings and the evolving state of your community’s roads, making it easier to prioritize road maintenance and adjust your budget accordingly.

GIS & Clean Streets

Los Angeles is getting street clean-up help for the entire city, street by street, with the use of GIS capabilities. LA's mayor, Eric Garcetti, has started a Clean Streets Initiative that entails driving every single street in LA and giving the block a "cleanliness score" from 1-3 (1=Clean, 2=Somewhat Clean, 3=Not Clean). This practice puts LA as a leader in the US, as it's the only large city conducting a regular cleanliness assessment of every city street. 1

Once each street is assigned a number, the City is broken up into grids to help the Bureau of Sanitation strategically deploy resources to areas, such as a new dedicated Clean Streets clean-up crew. Clicking on any grid will tell you the area, and the average score of the streets within the grid.

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Using this information, the City can indicate areas of the most need, like making sure there are clean routes to school, preventing illegal dumping hotspots, and deploying trash bins in litter-heavy areas.