Visualize Your Road Ratings Data in GIS

Every odd year, Wisconsin municipalities are required to conduct road ratings and submit their findings to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT).

As you complete your 2019 road ratings, it’s important to consider whether or not your current pavement management plan is working well for your community.

Are there areas where you can improve? Do you need help identifying ways in which your community can save on cost while improving the quality and life of your roads?

AssetAlly can help your team visualize your ratings and the evolving state of your community’s roads, making it easier to prioritize road maintenance and adjust your budget accordingly.

STeps to visualize your road ratings in assetally

First, you’ll need to download your community’s road rating data from WISLR (Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads) and send it to one of our GIS Specialists who will upload the information to your AssetAlly site. If you have any questions or need help with this first step, please contact us.

Once this information is uploaded, you’ll need to turn on the chloropeth map layer in your GIS.

You’ll see that your road ratings are color coded from 1-10.

Once your ratings are stored in AssetAlly, you can easily compare your year over year data and budget for necessary improvements.

This tool is especially helpful for board/community meetings, as it allows you to visually demonstrate why particular infrastructure is taking priority over others and show what improvements have been made over the years.

2019 Roads

2017 Roads

2015 Roads

2013 Roads


To learn more about how AssetAlly can help your community visualize your road ratings and more efficiently plan for future improvements, please contact us today! (we know that down the road, you’ll be happy you did.)