Creating Personal Bookmarks

Did you know that you can set personal bookmarks in AssetAlly to have preset views to zoom or pan to? If you're a frequent GIS user, this can be immensely helpful - no more time wasted trying to obtain to your perfect view!

Bookmarks can be used to keep tabs on areas of interest - maybe construction sites or road projects. First, zoom to the area and scale as desired. Next, use your "I Want To" drop-down menu to select "Bookmark current map extent."

You will then have the option to name your bookmark. We recommend naming it something descriptive for future reference!

To retrieve your saved bookmark, click the bookmark icon located underneath the zoom in/out buttons. This bookmark will remain in your AssetAlly application until deleted. Deleting the bookmark is as simple as selecting the "x" to the right of the created bookmark.

This bookmark is unique to the logged-in user; no one else will have access to it. It is also not layer specific, therefore it will not save if layers are on or off respective to when the bookmark was created. Refer to "Save a Project" if you want to save settings that others can see in these cases.