Water Main Break Tool

The Water Main Break Tool gives you the ability to locate and record water main breaks quickly and efficiently - allowing better visualization of water pipe conditions. This tool is located under the “Water Tools” tab in your AssetAlly application.

When attaching a 'Pipe Breaks' icon to your water main, select the 'Add Break' button. Once the tool is activated, click on the area in your viewer that you wish to identify as a water main break.

After you have selected the area on the pipe that the incident took place, a dashboard will appear.

In the dashboard, select the ‘Edit’ button located on the left towards the bottom of the window frame.

When the ‘Edit Main Break’ window appears, you will be able to classify the date and location of the break. You can also add a 'Break ID' number and additional comments or information about the main break if so desired. 

Once you’re satisfied with the information you’ve entered, uploaded any pertinent photos via the 'Add Image' button, click ‘Save’. This saves the information to the section of pipe you selected and inserts a water drop icon onto the pipe indicating the location of the break.

If you’d like to update the status of the main break event, select the pipe section or the water drop marker to bring you back to the attribute dashboard.

With breaks being added to both map and dashboard, you'll start building a clearer picture of pipe condition.