Using GIS Technology in Animal Shelters

October is recognized as national "adopt a shelter dog" month. Not surprisingly, GIS technology is being employed to help lower the population of pups in shelters. GIS can be utilized for mapping locations of animals. It lets users observe various data sets in a manner which provides greater insight into their community's animals and their needs; that allows for a more productive use of resources.

Click on the following link to learn about how the ASPCA uses Esri GIS software to save homeless animals.


GIS can provide data-backed recognition into other issues shelters encounter. There is no purpose in putting a halt to analysis after lowering animal intake. For example, experts can harness the power of GIS to record where adopted animals are finding homes, thus being able to expand outreach to get more people to opt for animals in locations where they are not.

Although GIS is assisting in lowering the number of animal intake at shelters, there are still plenty of pups who need a loving home! Maybe it is that year to get Billy the birthday present he has been asking for the last three years?!