GIS & Local Insights


Utilizing GIS for its mapping capabilities is a no-brainer. Answering questions like "what's the fastest route to work" or "where is that manhole located" are all great uses of GIS. But, using GIS for local insights can help individuals, businesses, communities, virtually anyone to make better, smarter choices.

Esri has a "Tapestry" map available to help you discover local insights. With this map, you can discover run-of-the-mill things like population density, median income, and median age; the cool thing about this map, though, is it gives you more pointed insights - things like if inhabitants use their credit cards regularly, if they're college football viewers, or if they're financial optimists.


This information can be utilized by investors looking for business opportunities, home buyers looking for the perfect spot, and communities to understand their residents more fully. The possibilities are endless.


Esri's map can be found here - go take a look and see what GIS can help you discover!