Saving Projects in AssetAlly

The “Save Project” feature is a convenient tool that allows you to save work done in AssetAlly such as: collections, mark-ups, bookmarks, layer configurations, and more. This allows you to easily return to a project without having to redo the work.

To begin, let's assume it's Friday afternoon and you're about to leave for a long weekend up North. You have a little bit of time left to do work in your GIS and want to get started creating an exhibit of expected construction sites.

After you've added your mark-ups and adjusted layer visibility, it's time to kick-off the weekend. Click on the "I Want To..." button and select "Save As." This will save your mark-up and layer configuration as a new project. You will then be prompted to name and add a description to your project. Once finished, click "Save."

You will receive a confirmation that your project has been saved and you can click the "Close" button. You may notice there are some options to share your saved project - don't worry, we will dive into project sharing in an upcoming article!

Your project is now saved on the server, and you can resume work after getting some well deserved relaxation.

Now that it's Tuesday, you're caught up with emails and ready to pick your project back up. In order to open the project, click on the "I Want To..." button and select "Open." This will display all your saved projects, and you can then select the one you wish to open by clicking its icon. You can now resume where you left off on Friday! Alternatively, if you click on the arrow button before opening a project, you will then have the option to share, edit, or delete it.


We hope you found this week's article helpful, and make sure to tune-in over the next couple of weeks to learn more about sharing your projects!