Searching for Asset Info Outside Your Map

Did you know that AssetAlly allows you to search for a variety of data from outside of your map viewer on your main portal page?

Depending upon what type of information you store in your GIS, there are a range of search widgets. We will provide you with a few examples of how you can quickly obtain important data without the hassle of going into your map viewer and locating the specific asset(s) you need information about.


You are able to search for asbuilts that have been uploaded into your system by “feature type,” “street name,” “description,” and “year.”


The hydrants search widget allows for a general search by entering either hydrant number or street name. There are also tabs to search for “inspections,” “repairs needed,” and “repairs made.”


Documents can be searched for by “type,” “address,” “document number,” and “file name.”


Additional widgets available in AssetAlly allow for easily searching sanitary manholes, pipe cleanings, valves, trees, water meter inventory, and water meter reports.

The ability to search for specific data without the need to open your map viewer can be a huge convenience and time saver!