Improve Your Budgeting Process by Calculating Sanitary Sewer Lengths

Did you know that you can utilize AssetAlly to calculate the total linear foot count of your sanitary sewer system? This is a quick way to gain insight into how much sanitary sewer exists in your community for budgeting purposes, or otherwise.

To begin, turn on the “Sanitary Sewer” layer. Then, zoom out as far as necessary within the map viewer in order to capture the entire sanitary sewer pipe network with the “identify by rectangle” tool. There is no need to turn off any other layers that may automatically turn on with your application (unless you so desire), as they are sorted during the identification process.

After you are certain you have dragged the rectangle over the entire sewer network, click on the arrow next to your “Sanitary Pipe” layer.

You can then click on the hamburger drop-down menu and choose the option of exporting your sanitary pipe data to an Excel spreadsheet.

When asked if you would like to download the Excel file, select “OK” and then open it.

Look at the AsbuiltLength and PipeType columns. You should get rid of/change any outliers or pipe types (laterals, force mains, etc.) that are not going to be a contributing factor in how you decide to budget for your pipe cleanings or televising.

It will be important to take note of any pipes which have null/missing length values.

A simple way to compensate for these null values is by utilizing the measuring tool in AssetAlly or checking if you have any asbuilts linked to the geometry. You are then able to add/edit any data as necessary to achieve a more accurate linear footage in the end.

Now that you have your spreadsheet cleaned up to your liking, you can total the linear footage using the “Sum” formula in Excel.

The result is 165093.99 feet, or just over 31 miles. Now you are ready to bid out 15% of your total sanitary sewer for televising!