Accessing Your Hydrant Data in AssetAlly

Do you know the best approach to accessing hydrant data within your community? AssetAlly gives you a couple of simple and organized ways to obtain your hydrant data from the field or the office! In this article, we will review both options so you can decide which will help you the most. 

Portal Page & Searching

If you select the hydrant icon on your AssetAlly portal page after logging in (pictured below), a search page appears. This includes a "General Search" tab, where you are able to look up a hydrant by either hydrant number and/or street name.

You may also select date ranges to view information under the "Inspections," "Repairs Needed," or "Repairs Made" tabs. Below are examples of what these three pages look like.


Repairs Needed

Repairs Made

Access in the GIS Viewer

You are also able to obtain data and various forms by selecting a hydrant feature within your GIS viewer. This allows you access to the hydrant dashboard. The dashboard holds "General Hydrant", "Inspections,"  "Repairs," "Documents," and "Flows Tests" data.

As you can tell there is quite a bit of information that can be linked to one little hydrant! We would exhaust you by going through all of the forms and their function in a single article.

With that being said, please stay tuned for more articles in the upcoming weeks, which will be specifically about the functions of the four highlighted tabs (pictured above) in your AssetAlly application!