Identifiable Layers Tool

If you are a frequent user of GIS, you've probably encountered a few situations where you need to see a large number of layers, but only need to access the data for one or two of them. If you've ever wondered how to narrow down what results you'll bring back when using identify tools, then you're in the right place!

For this example, we have a section of road where we want to see all utilities, but only want to see detailed sanitary structure data.

Identifying this section (below) returns a long list of results which include the sanitary structures that we're looking for, but it's buried under other layers of data.

Although it is quite nice to have our identified features grouped by layers now, the "Identifiable Layers" function can still make searching for specific data in AssetAlly easier. 

To limit the Identify tool's results, we'll select which layers should be identifiable by clicking the "Identifiable Layers" menu icon after choosing an Identify Tool. 

After clicking "Identifiable Layers", a side-panel will pop-up where layers to identify can be chosen. For this example, we only want to identify Sanitary Structures, so we select the "Clear All" button, then check the "Sanitary Structure" box.

Identifying the same area again leaves a much shorter Results list (below). The identifiable layers will save their setting until you close the map, or reset them by clicking "Select All" next to the "Clear All" button shown earlier.