Document Upload Tool

We will be discussing how to upload documents into your GIS today. As you may notice in the image below, we have the ability to upload various document types. In this instance, most of our documents pertain to water utilities.

In order to add a document into your GIS, you will first want to click under the "Document Management" tab.


Next (you guessed it), we click on "Add."


This prompts us to pick a document location on the map.


Once we have chosen our location, we are able to search for the file/files we would like to upload.


We then choose the document type and may write a description if we please.


To view documents added, we simply click on a marker within the GIS viewer. Now we have a link to the file of our interest! This also provides the option to move or delete a file.


Thank you for stopping by to learn about the wonderful and enthralling world of document uploading in your GIS! We hope this has been helpful! Until next time.