World Teachers' Day - Incorporating GIS


Most people have had at least one teacher that has made a positive and lasting influence in their life. Today is recognized as World Teachers' Day. Thank you to all the hardworking teachers out there! Let's take a look at the unique and innovative manners in which teachers have incorporated GIS into their lesson plans. Esri documents inspiring ways teachers are Advancing STEM Education with GIS. As explained in the article, "STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education is a multidisciplinary approach to improving schooling, the work force, and national competitiveness."


When assembling info and assessing data associated with nearly any topic, GIS offers an essential framework for placing that data into context and obtaining insights. Spatial analysis allows students to observe interactions by mapping that data; offering a glance not only into physical locality, but how areas are connected to one another and how they interrelate. GIS helps detect and analyze patterns, leading tomore proficient projections about trends.

Utilizing the spatial mechanisms of any data set provides a more universal understanding of the issues at-hand, improving policymaking. Additionally, geo-analytics encourages the simultaneous examination of attributes and spatial connections to uncover variances in data and detect outliers. This type of learning is a powerful skill which enhances critical thinking skills in students.