Layer Catalog - Search & Add Additional Layers into Your GIS

Did you know AssetAlly provides you with the capability to search and add various layers into your application via the “Layer Catalog” feature? This can be data particular to the county you are in, or from more expansive resources such as NOAA or The Department of Agriculture.

To find the Layer Catalog in your application, navigate to the home tab.

After clicking on the Layer Catalog button, you will see a handful of expandable layers as pictured below. This catalog contains a plethora of layer data that may be useful to you! With snow not being too far away (we know you are excited), you may want to check out some snowmobile trails in the area and plan for adventures ahead!


For example, you are able to add a temporary layer containing snowmobile trail markers for Waukesha County below!

One of the features that is quite helpful, given the amount of data available in the Layer Catalog, is the ability to search the layers. For instance, if you are curious about information pertaining to flooding, you can simply type in “flood” to see what pops up.

Take a look at your Layer Catalog if you have not already. Maybe you will find some interesting and helpful data you did not even know was readily available to you!