4 Ways AssetAlly Helps Maintain Your Sanitary Sewer System

Did you know that you can use AssetAlly as a tool for tracking and planning your sanitary sewer rehab? This will help you maintain the overall condition of your utilities.

Below we have highlighted four ways to manage your sanitary sewer system within AssetAlly. Also included are some past articles for a more in-depth look at the versatility of these functions.

1. LInk CCTV Videos

With AssetAlly you can link CCTV videos directly to pipes in your system for easy access. Additionally, there is a layer you can turn on/off to see which pipe segments have CCTV videos linked to them.

CCTV Inspection Dashboard

CCTV Utility Map - Layer Visualization

2. Track Sanitary Spot Repairs

Keep track of areas that require maintenance, as well as access records of when such repairs have been made.

Spot Repairs Map

Spot Repairs Form

3. Visualize Sanitary Pipe Cleaning

Turn on layers to visualize your sanitary sewer cleaning cycle and/or cleaning forecast.

Sanitary Pipe Cleaning Cycle

4. Access & Update Sanitary Pipe Attributes

AssetAlly easily stores important information pertaining to your sanitary utilities in one accessible location. You can also save time by Updating Attribute Data on Groups of Utilities.

Keeping your sanitary sewer system data up to date and having all the information listed above (and more) available at your fingertips can help you:

  • Prioritize work

  • Budget appropriately

  • Minimize costs

  • Stress less!