How to Add Curb Stops and Water Laterals in AssetAlly

Have you ever wanted to quickly and easily add water laterals into your GIS? AssetAlly gives you the ability to do this on your own. Say, for instance, you had a list of all the lead laterals in your community you would like to enter into your application as a reference for future projects. Learn how in this quick tutorial!

  • To begin, turn on your survey points (if you have this data) and water distribution layers.

  • Next, click on the “Water Tools” tab. This is where you will also find the “Add” and “Delete” Curb Stops function.

  • Click on “Add” to enter your curb stop. You will be putting the curb stop on the highlighted “WSO” survey point (pictured below).

  • Once you are informed that the geometry is captured, click “Save.”

  • Then, confirm that you would like to create a water service for this curb stop by selecting “OK.”

  • The next step is to select the related water main in which the lateral will be drawn to.

  • Once you are happy with the selection of water main, click (you guessed it) “OK.”

  • You are then asked to “Save” or “Re-Draw” or “Cancel”. Select to save this one.

  • A form will then pop up allowing you to enter any attribute data on the curb stop you added. How you choose to attribute the data is completely up to you.

  • Finally, you are going to want to select the recently drawn lateral and then click on “Details.”

  • Now, simply hit the edit button and enter your attribute information as desired. With this particular project, you are going to want to make sure to enter the material as “Lead.” Lastly, click “Save.” There! All your recently added geometry and the data attached to it can easily be accessed within AssetAlly.

Keep in mind that if there are any issues that arise while you are adding curb stops or laterals into you application, we have staff on hand to assist with any edits that you would like made.