A New Approach to Storm Water Facility Inspections


Has your team been looking for a better way to store your storm water data in a safe and easy to access location? Are you tired of wasting your time sifting through paper files in search of as-builts or maintenance agreements? Search no more! We are here to help.

The AssetAlly Pond Inspection Tool offers visualization of your storm water ponds in your GIS, along with the ability to add attribute data pertaining to individual ponds.

This tool also allows your team to:

1. Attach Files:

2. Add and View Inspection Data:

Pond Inspection Form

3. Create and View Service Requests:

Service Request Form

This tool will also walk you through the entire process of a pond inspection, and the data in the forms you fill out is geared specifically to what type of pond is being inspected (wet, dry, infiltration, bio-filtration, rain garden, etc.).

Not only does this tool provide all of your storm water data in one organized, easy to access location, it also allows users to automatically generate a PDF with all of your facility’s data. This is extremely helpful when it comes time to send in facility information into the DNR.

To learn more about how this AssetAlly tool can help your team succeed, please contact our experts today,