Increase Efficiency With The New Multi-Edit Tool

AssetAlly’s new Multi-Edit Tool was developed to help you efficiently update your attributes by giving you the power and control to edit multiple features at once.

Instead of clicking on an individual feature, going into the dashboard, adding a street name, saving, closing dashboard, and repeating the entire process on the next feature, users can now select an entire attribute group and make collective updates, significantly cutting down the amount of time spent on tedious tasks.


Multi-editing can be used on Storm, Water, Sanitary, Forestry, and Street Pole data. In this example, we’ll focus on populating the Street name field within a grouping of sanitary pipe segments.

First, turn on the sanitary layer, then click on the sanitary tab at the top of the toolbar, which is where the Multi-Edit Tool can be found.

You’ll then be prompted to select the feature type you prefer to edit within the layer.

Next, select the attribute field you are updating (SteetName).

You can use the different selection geometries to narrow your selection down to the targeted assets. Once you are satisfied with the assets selected, click “Finish.”

This results in a drop down list of street names to choose from.

After you have selected the appropriate street name and hit “Save,” all selected features will update, saving your team a ton of time and energy!


To learn more about the Multi-Edit Tool and how it can help your community save time and money, please contact one of our experts today!