Cost-Effective Methods for Gathering GIS Data

The cost of implementing GIS services and processes can add up quickly, especially when your team is new to GIS. Though the value of a quality GIS far outweighs the cost of implementation, there are several steps you can take to maximize your GIS and keep it budget-friendly (as always, our AssetAlly team is here to help you along the way, but you’ll have to find your own interns!).


  • Employ Interns

    • Allows your team to take advantage of cost-effective, short-term support.

    • Extra help around the office has been shown to increase employee productivity and prevent full-time employees from becoming overburdened by side projects.

    • Bonus! Employing interns helps young people in your community by offering them valuable career training.

  • Use Aerial Photos

    • Allows your team to quickly identify the location of utility structures, storm water facilities, etc.

    • Budget friendly and easy to access.

  • Digitize Field Survey Data

    • Ground survey provides your team with accurate information, especially when gathering attribute data.

    • Timeliness: can help your team find what they need when imagery is not readily available.

    • Coincidental collection: allows your team to collect additional data en-route.

    • Transforms your field data into digital data.

    • Scanning of as-builts and other documents for geo-referencing.

  • Use Drone Images and Survey

    • Gathering data from drone images is more efficient than traditional survey.

    • Drones are a cost-effective way to collect large amounts of data in a small time-frame.

    • Can help your team capture data in real time.

    • For more information on how drones can help your team, please check out our article 6 Benefits of Drone Use for Municipal Projects.

If you’d like to learn more about how your team can maximize your GIS without breaking your budget, please contact our experts today!