Search Tools


Happy Tip Tuesday! Today we will be going over some of the miscellaneous search tools. In this example, we will search by address. However, you can see in the screen shot below that there are other options for searching (i.e. tax key, owner).

One convenient function of this tool is that you are able to enter just a portion of the data related to the parcel(s) you are searching for, such as a street name or an individual's last name. You do not need to know the precise information for results to be returned.

Below, we needed to find information on parcels located along Main street. We simply typed in the road name, clicked "Go" and a list of all the parcels along Main street appeared in the column to the left.


The parcels are all highlighted in our map viewer as well.


If these search tools are what you have been searching for, please contact our GIS team at Ruekert & Mielke!