Printing Tool


The Printing Tool is included by default (under the "Home" tab) in all HTML5 viewers.

In the Desktop and Tablet interfaces, the map previews the extent to be printed using an overlay. The user can change the print preview overlay to match their printout exactly. The procedure to adjust the extent is as follows:

  1. Pan and zoom the map to center the area of interest in the map viewport. Zooming the map does not change the scale at which the map prints.
  2. Select theLock print preview with map checkbox to lock the print preview overlay to a position on the map.Deselect the checkbox to move the print preview extent around the map.
  3. Change theMap Scalesetting as needed to ensure the overlay covers the desired area. The Map Scale setting's Current Extent option assures that all material in the viewport will be printed.

Extent preview shown in the Desktop interface

To print the map, the user clicks Print and waits to be prompted to download the printout.

Print Output Settings

The Print Map panel allows users to configure how their extent will be printed.

  • Select Layout:Lists the site's available print templates.
  • Output Format:Lists the available file formats to send the printout to (i.e. pdf, bmp, gif, jpeg, png).
  • Resolution:Lists the available resolutions for the printout (either normal quality or high quality).

Additionally, users may add a Map Title and Sub Title if they so desire!