Before AssetAlly®, the Village of Mukwonago’s assets were unorganized and scattered, especially for their sewer utilities. Card files and paper books were everywhere, and it took a lot of steps and time to find information when they needed it. It was not uncommon for Village staff to spend over an hour finding plans for locates and archiving maps could take even longer. With so many inefficiencies, the Village needed help organizing their assets to save time and money.

Once our initial data is in the system, our time goes from hours to minutes. This has reduced stress and saved money for the Village.
— David Brown, Utilities Director


The Village desired to have their maps all in one place, with their data at their fingertips, to allow them to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. The team from Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. (R/M) worked with the Village to demonstrate how AssetAlly® could solve their problems. 

R/M worked with the Village to implement AssetAlly® by migrating and linking documents and calibrating the Village’s GPS to get more accurate results. R/M also provided the necessary training for the Village staff to be successful with their new tools.

Being able to have documented storm water reports is super helpful. The illicit discharge tool makes MS4 reporting to the WDNR easy, and helps keep our permits up-to-date.
— Ron Bittner, Director of Public Works


With the implementation of AssetAlly® complete, the Village is very satisfied with the productivity improvements that have followed. Additionally, the Village now has the convenience of having their easements, utilities, permitting (building and erosion control), and as-built records all in one place. 

The Village now uses AssetAlly® as a tracking system to record their utility repairs. They are also utilizing clerical staff to place everything that gets recorded from the county into AssetAlly®. Having their CCTV reports linked within their system makes it  easy to find lateral locations and repair needs in just a few clicks. Most importantly, staff can use AssetAlly® on all different devices while in the field, enabling them to address problems and discrepancies on the spot.