Like many growing communities, the Village of Huntley, IL was using paper files and spreadsheets to manage their assets, resulting in inefficiencies and inaccurate data. Due to the amount of work and time needed, some asset data was difficult to track by the Village.

Having seen the benefits a GIS-based asset management system could provide, yet not knowing how to incorporate it into daily operations, the Village conducted extensive research of available solutions and consultants. The Village turned to Ruekert & Mielke, Inc. with AssetAlly® as the solution to track the Village’s assets efficiently and accurately.


With AssetAlly®, the Village now manages their sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water utilities, along with proposed transportation plans in one single system. Since the Village is located within both Kane and McHenry counties, AssetAlly® is able to support their digital map layers in multiple formats.

The Village now has an accurate inventory for their signs, trees, and light poles using AssetAlly®’s intuitive inventory tools. Gone are the paper files, and the Village now utilizes AssetAlly®’s document management tools to organize key property records and to simplify access and retrieval.

The Village has found even more creative ways to vizualize their community and improve efficiency. By logging police incidents and beat maps in AssetAlly®, the Village can quickly visualize problem areas and crime patterns in the community. Additionally, the Village is using the mapping features in AssetAlly® to quickly plan the most efficient storm plow routes. 

The most valuable aspect of AssetAlly® is the ability to manage and track almost anything the Village wants, resulting in improved and successful planning of projects and programs.
— Jason Irvin, Assistant to the Director of Public Works and Engineering


AssetAlly® allows the Village to better plan and forecast future projects, which in turn saves the Village time and money. Additionally, their planning process is significantly more streamlined, resulting in reduced stress on staff.

The Village envisions utilizing more tools within AssetAlly® to track, measure, share, and utilize throughout the Village, with the goal of eventually becoming the method of communication and marketing for everything happening in the Village.

The R/M team is always prompt to respond and assist in all matters. They strive to make sure their product is what the customer expects and wants.
— Jason Irvin, Assistant to the Director of Public Works and Engineering